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Paned Widget

 Superclass:	Constraint

 Name		         Class		   RepType	    Default Value
 ----		         -----		   -------	    -------------
 background	         Background	   Pixel	    XtDefaultBackground
 betweenCursor	         Cursor	           Cursor	    **
 border		         BorderColor       Pixel	    XtDefaultForeground
 borderWidth	         BorderWidth       Dimension	    1
 cursor		         Cursor	           Cursor	    None
 destroyCallback         Callback	   Pointer	    NULL
 height		         Height	           Dimension	    0
 gripIndent	         GripIndent	   Position	    16
 gripCursor	         Cursor	           Cursor	    **
 horizontalGripCursol    Cursor	           Cursor	    sb_h_double_arrow
 horizontalBetweencursor Cursor	           Cursor	    sb_up_arrow
 internalBorderColor     BorderColor	   Pixel	    XtDefaultForeground
 internalBorderWidth     BorderWidth	   Position	    1
 leftCursor	         Cursor	           Cursor	    sb_left_arrow
 lowerCursor	         Cursor	           Cursor	    sb_down_arrow
 mappedWhenManaged       MappedWhenManaged Boolean	    True
 orientation             Orientation       XtOrientation    XtorientVertical
 refigureMode	         Boolean	   Boolean	    On
 rightCursor	         Cursor	           Cursor           sb_right_arrow
 sensitive	         Sensitive	   Boolean	    True
 upperCursor	         Cursor	           Cursor	    sb_up_arrow
 verticalBetweenCursor   Cursor	           Cursor           sb_left_arrow
 verticalGripCursor      Cursor	           Cursor           sb_v_double_arrow
 width		         Width	           Dimension	    0
 x		         Position	   Position	    0
 y		         Position	   Position    	    0

** These resources now are set to the vertical or horizontal cursor
   depending upon orientation, by default.  If a value is specified here
   then that cursor will be used reguardless of orientation.


 Name		      Class		RepType		Default Value
 ----		      -----		-------		-------------
 allowResize	      Boolean	        Boolean         False
 max		      Max	        Dimension	unlimited
 min		      Min		Dimension	Grip Size
 preferredPaneSize    PerferredPaneSize Dimension	PANED_ASK_CHILD
 resizeToPreferred    Boolean		Boolean	 	False
 showGrip	      ShowGrip		Boolean		True
 skipAdjust	      Boolean	        Boolean         False

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