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Tempus Sans ITC font for windows.

This is a free to you download, but you cannot redistribute the font for any money. You must keep the files within the download together to use or pass along. Though I would rather you link to this page for downloads, if you chose to have the file on your server, then you are at risk and I have no liability. I can only speak for my distribution of this font from my site, which is legal. I know the history of the origins of this font, and the distribution process.


Find what ever folder you downloaded the font to.
Then you need to unzip the font file you downloaded.

Then to install under Windows, click on the start button,
then 'Settings' and then 'Control Panel'.

Open up the 'Fonts' shortcut, and then click Add New Fonts,
Select the directory where the new font is, and add it.

Once the font is installed, you can delete all the files including the zip file and what was unzipped. Your font is installed in your font folder, so no need to keep the zip.


Since Jan 2004